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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) was created as an academic support model which uses peer-facilitated, collaborative group sessions to improve student retention.  In an effort to improve student success rates in courses that traditionally have high rates of Ds, Es and Withdrawals (DEWs) at Arizona State University (ASU), Academic Support Network (ASN) offers colleges/departments the opportunity to work in partnership through the Supplemental Instruction program.

The SI model provided by ASN supports a range of small to large lecture courses by providing weekly out-of-class review sessions in smaller group settings to allow for discussion and collaborative study among students.  Active participation with the material in a group setting enables students to build a framework and make more of a connection to the course content.  As the SI Leader facilitates active learning and discussion about the material, students can ask questions and establish their own links to the subject matter.  In addition, SI Leaders encourage student interaction as a way to develop an academic support network.

In collaboration with faculty, ASN hires SI Leaders who have previously completed the course, earned a grade of B- (2.77) or better, and are current ASU students.  SI leaders must submit an application, complete an interview process, and participate in 10 hours of training prior to the start of their employment.  SI Leaders must also be in academic good standing for the university.  SI Leaders are supervised and evaluated by a full-time SI Coordinator in ASN who also provides ongoing training and development throughout each semester.

SI is a great way for students to get together with peers from class to discuss concepts, compare notes and share strategies. These structured study sessions are led by SI leaders – students who have successfully completed the class. SI Leaders attend all class sessions to keep up with course content and facilitate three or more study sessions each week.

Benefits of SI

  • Structured study time
  • Social interactions
  • Increase in course grade
  • Develop study skills for future use
  • Sessions are free to all ASU students. To attend an SI session, please check the SI schedule for available courses, days, times and links.


How Do I Participate?

  • Keep an eye out for announcements through Canvas and during lectures. 
  • Check the SI schedule for day, times, and Zoom links of your class SI session. 
  • No appointment is necessary.
  • Bring all of your notes and textbook.
  • Come when you can – it’s okay to arrive after the session starts or leave before it ends. 
  • Be ready to interact with your fellow peers in-person and/or online.
  • Sessions are free to all ASU students.


Interested in Becoming an SI Leader?

Learn more about becoming an SI Leader.


For Faculty: Interested in SI Support for Your Course?

Learn more about how you can partner with ASN to offer SI support for your course. View our information document on SI.