Universal Learner Support

University Academic Support Programs is now offering 24/7 academic support to ASU's Universal Learners through our Online Study Hub. For no additional cost, students who are participating in ULC Courses can browse a library of official and vetted materials, connect with peers to post and answer questions, and develop study groups. For select courses, we even have a tutorbot that can recommend additional resources to help you answer your questions.

  Connect to the Online Study Hub!  

Having difficulty authenticating to access the study hubs? Use this guide for how to Log in to Study Communities using Inscribe


What Study Community Should I Use? 

Below are the online communitities available through InScribe that we suggest you connect with in order to review resources, post questions, and connect with other students at ASU to discuss concepts in similar courses. Even though your course may not have a specific channel in the community, you can connect to others in similar courses to review resources and post questions. For any class that has a writing component, you can connect with the Writing Community.


Recommended InScribe Community

ACC 231Business Community
ASM 246Writing Community
AST 111/113Math Community or Science Community
BIO 100/130Science Community
CHM 114Science Community
CIS 105/194/294/394/402Business Community
COM 100/225Writing Community
CSE 110Engineering Community
ECN 211/212Business Community
ENG 101/102/194Writing Community
FSE100Engineering Community
HEP 100Writing Community
HST 100/102Writing Community
MAT 117/142/170/210/265Math Community
OGL 200/220Writing Community
PAF 112Writing Community
PHY 194Math Community or Science Community
PSY 101Writing Community
REL 101Writing Community
SES 106Science Community
SOC 101Writing Community
UNI 194Writing Community