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Transfer Students

UASP academic support is open to all students, including transfer students. Our residential tutoring locations serve students living on and off campus. Please use Tutor Search to search for available tutoring services. UASP also offers programs especially designed for transfer students.

Transfer Student Welcome

Before the start of each semester, many programs are offered to welcome new transfer students to ASU. By attending these events you will:

  • meet other new transfer students
  • learn about ASU policies
  • interact with successful transfer students
  • attend workshops of your choice about academic success
  • learn about specific campus resources

You are encourage to go to the Welcome website for a complete list of activities.

We are here to help. If you have questions, call 480-965-9072 or email transfersuccess@asu.edu.

Transfer Success Course

ASU394 – Transfer Success, is a one-credit online course offered during Session A of the fall semester. Modules are designed to provide you with information on how to navigate ASU. The course will be individualized for the specific campus you are attending classes. Other objectives for the course include:

  • Identifying personal ways of learning;
  • Demonstrating your ability to navigate and interact with ASU’s technology systems and other students virtually;
  • Exploring and identifying ASU’s academic and personal resources;
  • Creating a personal support network plan;
  • Demonstrating an understanding of perseverance in education and life.

To register, search for ASU394 in the class search. Questions? Contact Sarah Bennett at slbennett@asu.edu or 480-965-9072.