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Student success is our goal at ASU. The Pathways for Achieving Student Success (PASS) website is designed to provide you with tools to reach your academic goals. 

Adjusting to the demands of college can take time. Each student comes to college with their own unique academic strengths. PASS can help any student who wants to get back on the path to academic success.

The PASS website is designed to provide you with a variety of resources you may find helpful at different points during your academic experience/journey. As you review the topics below, reflect on what your challenges were in the previous semester or consider new areas you want to learn more about. Select from the topics below to find suggestions for getting back on track. Come back and visit as often as you want!

Other Resources:

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UNI220: Academic Refresher Course

To learn more about the UNI 220 Academic Refresher course, contact:

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Corinne Corte corinne.corte@asu.edu Tempe campus: 480-965-2994