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Academic Skills Tutors

UASP academic skills tutors are ASU students who can help you stay on track, improve academic skills and address any concerns you may have in your courses. The peer-to-peer interaction and mentorship create a comfortable, encouraging atmosphere for students seeking assistance in developing good study habits. Students meeting with the academic skills tutors will work in a collaborative environment with other students in similar courses. As necessary, the academic skills tutors can assist with note-taking and how to gain good reading strategies for college.

To meet with an academic skills tutor one-on-one, go to Tutor Search and put academic skills as the course. Academic skills tutors are available to work with you online. 


During academic skills tutoring visits, you can:

  • increase your knowledge of campus resources
  • gain advice and support from a fellow student
  • develop communication skills to work with your professors and academic advisor
  • strengthen your time management and study skills
  • work on setting academic goals and measure your progress

Academic skills workshops

Skills Workshops

skills workshops

If your class or group is interested in an academic success workshop presentation, please fill out the request form.

Academic skills tutors are available to present information to groups on a variety of topics related to academic success. Common presentation topics include:

  • calculating your GPA
  • email etiquette
  • preparing for finals
  • understanding your syllabus
  • study skills
  • note taking
  • using Canvas and My ASU
  • test preparation and test-taking skills
  • time management
  • use your campus resources

 Please contact Sarah Bennett at 480-727-1457 or with any questions.