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Faculty & Staff Resources

University Academic Success Programs’ Tutoring and Writing Centers work closely with faculty and staff members to support the success of students who are currently enrolled in courses at ASU. We partner with faculty and staff to:

  • connect with students about available resources in writing, math, science, and other subjects
  • recruit and train qualified tutors and SI leaders (structured study groups)
  • provide real-time feedback for our staff on student academic needs
  • make recommendations for potential student staff

Recommended syllabus statement

Services are offered in person and online through University Academic Success Programs for ASU students who are currently enrolled in courses.

  • Tutoring is available in math, business, science, engineering, and statistics courses.
  • Writing tutoring is available for any writing project at any stage of the writing process.
  • Graduate writing tutoring is available for any type of writing project for any course. 
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) facilitates collaborative study groups for selected courses.
  • Resources are available through our Online Study Hub, YouTube channel, Zoom recordings, and handouts.

Visit https://tutoring.asu.edu or call (480) 965-9072 for more information about these services, to view our schedules, or to schedule a writing tutoring appointment.

Interested in collaborating with University Academic Success Programs?

Please contact us at tutoring@asu.edu or call us at (480) 965-9072.