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Writing Centers & Graduate Academic Support Center Policies

The ASU Writing Centers and Graduate Academic Support Center offer a dynamic, supportive learning environment for currently enrolled ASU students at any stage of the writing process. Tutors from a wide range of degree programs help individuals hone their writing skills and gain confidence in their work.

In order to serve and meet the demands from all currently enrolled ASU students, the Writing Center and Graduate Academic Support Center have developed the following policies.  By scheduling an appointment and by using our services, you agree to adhere to the policies described below. 

Appointment Eligibility

The Writing Center serves currently enrolled ASU students. Students must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour at ASU.

The Graduate Academic Support Center serves currently enrolled ASU graduate students by providing graduate writing tutoring.  Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour at ASU.

Appointment Policy

Due to our limited number of available appointments, ASU students are asked to schedule only those appointments needed.  Because tutors are not paid consultants, UASP requires that ASU students schedule no more than two consecutive tutoring appointments per day.  ASU students can make an additional appointment on the same day but are required to spend time independently applying the techniques shared by the tutor during their earlier tutoring session.  Keep in mind that other ASU students will also need to schedule appointments, so we ask that you share the tutors' availability with other students.  If the appointment policy is abused by an individual, UASP reserves the right to limit access by reducing the number of appointments that an ASU student can have in one day or week.  UASP reserves the right to end an appointment at any time.

During the last week of tutoring each semester, ASU students are limited to 3 appointments per week.

Drop-in Policy

For students who are unable to find an available appointment for writing tutoring or graduate writing tutoring, we offer a drop-in option.  Drop-in sessions are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.  Drop-in sessions are limited to a maximum timeframe of 20 minutes depending on availability but could be shorter.  The drop-in queue is only available during our regular hours of operation.  

Cancellation, Late Arrivals, and Missed Appointment Policies


You are asked to provide advanced notice when rescheduling or cancelling an appointment.

  1. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please provide 24 hours' notice to allow another student to schedule the appointment time. Appointments can be cancelled by logging on to the scheduling system or by calling the main office number 480-965-9072 during business hours. 
  2. Need help canceling your appointment?  Use our guide on how to cancel an appointment.  Call us at 480-965-9072.

Late Arrivals

If you are late for your appointment and the tutor is still available, you may work with the tutor for the rest of the scheduled appointment time.  However, if you are more than 5 minutes late, your appointment may be given to a student waiting in the drop-in queue.

Missed Appointments

If you miss more than three appointments in any of our appointment-based services within the academic year, you will need to contact a center supervisor within 24 hours in order to schedule any future appointments.  If after 24 hours no contact is made and if you had any future appointments scheduled, they will be cancelled. To re-instate your scheduling privileges, contact a center supervisor as soon as possible.

Using Our Centers

When attending an appointment in person or online:

a) Arrive (for in-person appointments) or log on (for online appointments) at least five minutes early.

b) You will be asked to provide your 10-digit ASU ID number to log in..

c) For in-person writing appointments, we encourage you to bring a printed or electronic copy of your draft. Research shows that writers can often identify areas for revision (e.g., transitions, paragraph order, grammar, and sentence structure) more efficiently when reading a printed draft.  

d) For online appointments, we encourage you to have any needed electronic file(s) open on your computers.

e) For both in-person and online appointments, we also encourage you to bring a printed or digital copy of your instructor’s assignment and/or rubric.

f)  You are encouraged to prepare questions to review with the tutor during the session.

g) You may need to schedule additional appointments to review additional changes or longer projects.

Online Appointments

UASP uses Zoom to conduct all of its online tutoring appointments.  Zoom is available to ASU students at no additional cost. To learn more about how to use Zoom, view our guide.

Attendance Verification

If faculty members require verification of your tutoring visit, you will be asked during your checkout process if you would like your faculty member to receive verification of the visit.  If you choose this option, an automated email with the date, time, and length of the appointment will be sent directly to your faculty member. 

Assistance Policy

You may receive assistance for a variety of writing projects related to your degree or field. However, the Writing Center and Graduate Academic Support Center cannot help you with the following types of writing projects:

  • Any course work that is part of an in-class or take-home exam
  • Work that is not your own
  • Course work that is from a non-ASU institution

Exceptions may be granted if the center supervisor receives written permission from the course's instructor of record for a course-related exam (permission from a TA is not adequate) or from a faculty advisor or official departmental representative for a degree-related exam. The center supervisor must receive this written permission via email from the appropriate individual before the writing appointment can occur.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or received a missed appointment message in error, please call (480) 965-9072.

The ASU Writing Center and Graduate Academic Support Center look forward to supporting you during your academic journey.