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Student Employment

Staff Testimonials

"I feel as though working as a tutor has made me responsible in some small part for the academic success of the overall ASU community. Through my work, I feel I am making a difference in students' experiences, which has also created a sense of responsibility I did not previously have."

"I am able to interact with individuals from social and academic groups I would never otherwise meet. Additionally, the collaborative nature of the tutoring center has introduced me to some of my closest friends and created a place where academic, social, and professional support exist simultaneously."


"I like working for UASP because my coworkers are so warm and willing to share their knowledge, that it feels like we are a team working to better our campus."

Tutoring Center and Writing Center Employment

In the United States, 80 percent of undergraduate students and many graduate students work while going to school. Working fifteen hours or fewer while in college has been proven to increase student success. What better place to work than for the ASU Tutoring Centers and Writing Centers, where you can reinforce your academic knowledge while working with your peers.

University Academic Success Programs (UASP) employs undergraduate and graduate students as desk aides, tutors, writing tutors, supplemental instruction (SI study group) leaders, online tutors, graduate writing tutors, and graduate statistics tutors.

How to Apply for Student Staff Positions

Visit the ASU Student Employment website and follow the steps below to apply for tutor, SI leader, and desk aide positions. Please check back frequently to see when positions are posted. 

  1. Click on Search for Student Jobs.
  2. At the Student Employment Job Search page, click the Search On-Campus Jobs button.
  3. Type in the requisition number or click the search button to find the desired position.
  4. Please note that, even if the initial close date has passed, you can still submit your materials. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling deadline until all positions are filled.

To assist in your search, requisition numbers are listed below. You can search for these specific positions using the requisition number. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jessica.J.Jones@asu.edu  or 602-496-0362.

Tips for Applying

Here are a few helpful tips to consider as you are applying for positions with UASP:

  1.  Read the entire job description, including instructions for applying (which are near the bottom).
  2.  If you are new to writing a cover letter, or have never had a job before, consider answering these questions as a part of what you write:
    • How will working this job benefit you as as student?
    • What skills would you bring, if hired, to this position?
    • What do you hope to learn in this position?
  3. Check out our UASP Hiring Webinar recording where we outline the various positons within our department and provide more tips on applying.
  4. ASU Career Services has many helpful resources on their website


Applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted via phone or email. Disregard the close date listed as hiring will continue past the close date until positions are filled. 

*All positions are Federal Work Study eligible. Only desk aide applicants must have Federal Work Study to be hired (Federal Work Study required).  Applicants do not have to be Work Study eligible to apply for tutoring and supplemental instruction positions.

Get more information about Federal Work Study.

PositionRequisition NumberCampus LocationPosition Status
Tutor61357BRTempeNot Accepting Applications
Writing Tutor63799BRTempeAccepting Applications
Lead TutorTempeNot Accepting Applications
Desk Aide*63795BRTempeAccepting Applications
Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader63801BRTempeAccepting Applications
Graduate Writing Tutor63796BRTempeAccepting Applications
Graduate Statistics Tutor63797BRTempeAccepting Applications
Marketing Design AideTempeNot Accepting Applications
Tutor 63775BRDowntown PhoenixAccepting Applications
Writing Tutor63776BRDowntown PhoenixAccepting Applications
Desk Aide*63780BRDowntown PhoenixAccepting Applications
Graduate Writing Tutor63777BRDowntown PhoenixAccepting Applications
Lead TutorDowntown PhoenixNot Accepting Applications
Supplemental Instruction (SI) LeaderWestNot Accepting Applications
Tutor63809BRWestAccepting Applications
Writing Tutor63810BRWestAccepting Applications
Graduate Writing Tutor63811BRWestAccepting Applications
Desk Aide*63806BRWestAccepting Applications
Lead TutorWestNot Accepting Applications
Desk Aide*63805BRPolytechnicAccepting Applications
Tutor63807BRPolytechnicAccepting Applications
Lead TutorPolytechnicNot Accepting Applications
Writing Tutor63808BRPolytechnicAccepting Applications
Supplemental Instruction (SI) LeaderN/APolytechnicNot Accepting Applications


Contact Jessica Jones at Jessica.J.Jones@asu.edu or 602-496-0362.