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Student Employment

Staff Testimonials

"Working at UASP allows me the opportunity to have one-on-one interactions with my peers, and provide support for the ASU community. What’s great about my role is that I can bring my perspective as a current student to relate to and understand where my peers are coming from, and make that genuine connection. As a writing tutor specifically, I enjoy being able to offer open and productive conversations about students’ work, and provide them with the individualized support that may not always be readily available in a large class setting."


"Working at the tutoring centers provide a great opportunity to review some materials from past courses that might help me understand current courses. I enjoy being able to practice my communication skills and the ease of building friendships with other tutors."


"Working as a subject area tutor has been one of my best jobs. I like the way every tutor’s work is recognized and how the supervisor appreciates everything the tutors do."

Tutoring Center and Writing Center Employment

In the United States, 80 percent of undergraduate students and many graduate students work while going to school. Working fifteen hours or fewer while in college has been proven to increase student success. What better place to work than for the ASU Tutoring Centers and Writing Centers, where you can reinforce your academic knowledge while working with your peers.

University Academic Success Programs (UASP) employs undergraduate and graduate students as desk aides, tutors, writing tutors, supplemental instruction (SI study group) leaders, online tutors, academic skills tutors, graduate writing consultants, and graduate statistics tutors.

How to Apply for Student Staff Positions

Visit the ASU Student Employment website and follow the steps below to apply for tutor, SI leader, and desk aide positions. Please note that ASU's Student Employment website will go down on Thursday, June 21, 2018 and you will NOT be able to apply for positions until they are re-opened. Please check back frequently for when position are re-opened. 

  1. Click on Search for Student Jobs.
  2. At the Student Employment Job Search page, click the Search On-Campus Jobs button.
  3. Type in requisition number or click the search button to find the desired position.
  4. Disregard the close date listed. 

To assist in your search, requisition numbers are listed below. You can search for these specific positions using the requisition number. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Chloë Egan at chloe.egan@asu.edu or 602-496-0375.

Recommendation Forms for Student Staff Positions

Tutor, graduate writing consultant, and SI leader applicants should have a faculty member complete a faculty recommendation form.

Desk aide and academic skills tutor applicants should have a faculty or staff member complete a faculty/staff ecommendation form.


Applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted via phone or email. Disregard the close date listed. Hiring will continue past the close date until positions are filled. 

*All positions are Federal Work Study eligible. Only desk aide applicants must be Federal Work Study eligible.  Applicants do not have to be Work Study eligible to apply for tutoring and supplemental instruction positions.

Get more information about Federal Work Study.

All positions will temporarily close on Thursday, June 21, 2018. They will re-open in July. 

PositionRequisition NumberCampus LocationPosition Status
TutorTempeTemporarily Closed
Writing TutorTempeTemporarily Closed
Desk Aide*TempeTemporarily Closed
Supplemental Instruction (SI) LeaderTempeTemporarily Closed
Academic Skills TutorTempeTemporarily Closed
Graduate Writing ConsultantTempeTemporarily Closed
Writing Center Assistantn/aTempePosition closed
Graduate Stats TutorTempeTemporarily Closed
Marketing Design Aiden/aTempePosition closed
Tutor Downtown PhoenixTemporarily Closed
Writing TutorDowntown PhoenixTemporarily Closed
Desk Aide*Downtown PhoenixTemporarily Closed
Graduate Writing ConsultantDowntown PhoenixTemporarily Closed
Lead Tutorn/aDowntown PhoenixPosition closed
Supplemental Instruction (SI) LeaderWestTemporarily Closed
Tutorn/aWestPosition closed
Writing TutorWestTemporarily Closed
Graduate Writing ConsultantWestTemporarily Closed
Desk Aide*WestTemporarily Closed
Desk Aide*PolytechnicTemporarily Closed
TutorPolytechnicTemporarily Closed
Writing Tutorn/aPolytechnicPosition closed
Supplemental Instruction (SI) LeaderPolytechnicTemporarily Closed
Online TutorOnline (serves all campuses)Temporarily Closed
Online Graduate Writing ConsultantOnline (serves all campuses)Temporarily Closed
Graduate Writing ConsultantThunderbirdTemporarily Closed


Contact Chloë Egan at chloe.egan@asu.edu or 602-496-0375.