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Contact Us

Downtown Phoenix campus

411 N. Central Avenue, Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85004-0695
phone: 602-496-4278
fax: 602-496-0368
mailcode: 0220
Nicole LochridgeCoordinatorTutoring Center, UCENT101602-496-0362
Julianne StratmanCoordinatorWriting Center, UCENT101602-496-0364


Polytechnic campus

5988 S. Backus Mall
Mesa, AZ 85212
phone: 480-727-1452
fax: 480-727-1714
mailcode: 1880

Caitlin SimpsonCoordinatorTutoring Center, CNTR160480-727-5391
Derek KeithCoordinatorWriting Center, CNTR160480-727-1458
Kimbyl NielsenProgram AideSupplemental Instruction, CNTR160480-727-1072


Tempe campus

711 E. Lemon Street #38
Tempe, AZ 85281
phone: 480-965-9072
fax: 480-965-1091
mailcode: 2312

Sydney YeeAssistant DirectorTempe Subject Area Tutoring480-727-7803
Jason GuglielmoProgram AidePalo Verde East and West Tutoring Centers480-727-8745
Nicholas MaddoxProgram AideW. P. Carey Tutoring Sites480-965-5261
Marlia JohnsonProgram AideHAV Tutoring Center480-965-3981
Nathan MartinProgram AideStudent Pavilion Tutoring Center480-965-5689
Darby SimpsonCoordinatorWriting Center & Graduate Academic Support Center480-965-4062
Tristan RebeProgram CoordinatorWriting Center & Graduate Academic Support Center480-965-4977
Cosme MadridCoordinatorSupplemental Instruction480-727-3152
Jessica JonesCoordinatorOnline Tutoring480-965-7309


West campus

4701 W. Thunderbird
Glendale, AZ 85306
phone: 602-543-6169
fax: 602-543-8558
mailcode: 2950

Adam DautCoordinatorWriting Center, Fletcher Library LL602-543-6155
Robin KeagleCoordinatorTutoring Center, Fletcher Library602-543-2909


Management Team

Ivette ChavezDirectorAll Campuses

Sarah BennettAssociate DirectorAll Campuses
(Subject Area Tutoring - Humanities, PASS, Online and Residential Tutoring, and Data)
Lisa CahillAssociate DirectorAll Campuses
(Writing, Graduate Academic Support, and Partnerships)
Rhonda RumbleAssociate DirectorAll Campuses
(Subject Area Tutoring - Sciences, Engineering, and Supplemental Instruction)



Andrew Wadsworth Assistant Director

All Campuses
(Business Operations and Subject Area Tutoring - Math and Business)



Sydney YeeAssistant Director

Tempe Campus
(Subject Area Tutoring)


Administrative Staff

Sukhwant JhajVice Provost for Academic Innovation and Student Achievement
Dean, University College
Office of the University Provost
Fulton Center